barcelona was the next leg of our trip. and in my brain, spain equals GAUDI, as much of it as we could squeeze in:

la sagrada familia

casa batilo in the middle
park guell

of course, there's also joan miro (his museum was located in montjuic, with quite a view)

and who can forget dali? or picasso for that matter but i don't have any photos from his museum. dali's was an epic and round funhouse designed by the man himself.

on the way back from dali, we found another toy museum! it has this fabulously cracked out mickey mouse.

and it goes without saying that the food was just as fun too: i didn't eat this but saw it at a bakery where we snacked. now who wouldn't love you if you brought cream puff face man to a party???

inside la boqueria, barcelona's famed marketplace

CHURROS are a must!

this block of buildings was sherbet colored.

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  1. Looking at these pics brings so many warm and fuzzy memories, as well as, ones of painful feet!
    Don't you wish we had gorged more on pasteis de belem and churros con xocolate?